March 2023

Off Topic


What was once a beautiful garden is now nothing more than a dustbowl. The grass is brown. I’m trying to keep some shrubs watered in the hopes of keeping them alive. That’s about all I can hope for at this time. Newly planted birch trees requiring buckets of water are being kept alive – just […]

The Garden in Mid June

Can’t complain today. It’s been raining and the cistern has filled up quite well. Every morning I’m out there with my hose – 150 feet of it – to water my babies. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s a young garden and will take several years to reach maturity. The shrubs are short, […]

Where Is The Rain?

As you know, we get our water from the well. So far, it has worked – well – well. But what about the trees, vegetables, shrubs and flowers, you ask? We didn’t want to use up the water from the well for plants. Besides, it would have to go through the softener and UV treatment. […]

Hallelujah, I'm Back

I tell you, you have to be a computer techie to have websites running properly. Oh well, I won’t bore you but after having been hacked, I lost weeks of work. Finally, I’m back.

So, what’s new in my garden? Well, let’s see. Our house, which is a heritage home, came with a cistern. For […]

Finally, Rain

Friday night, we had rain. Hallelujah. It has been such a dry Spring, so far. “Where are those April showers?”, people cried. They finally came. It rained for hours during the night. We’re expecting more today and tomorrow.

I spent all weekend gardening. To be more precise, I added 4-in-one soil mix to some of […]