June 2023

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June 2

Some of the perennials have come alive, others have yet to do that. Seeds that I’ve sown have sprouted but won’t bloom for some time yet. This year I will concentrate on more evergreens so as to have winter interest. [Show as slideshow]


Suddenly It’s Hot

Yes, here in Southern Ontario we don’t have a long Spring. We pretty much spring from Winter right into Summer. So now the A/C is on. When I think about it, we have very few days where we can just leave our windows open. It’s either too hot or too cold.

Anyway, I thought I’d […]

On A Cold May Day

So, here it is, late May. It’s cold. No other way to put it. At least it’s not freezing. Anyway, I thought I’d post some pictures of the new stuff. Can’t really see much as this is not Jamaica where you can eat an orange, spit out the seeds on the ground and two years […]

Ah, Spring is Finally Here

The air is heavy with the scent of lilacs. It is a joy just to walk, sit or stand outside to take in its heavenly perfume. It will be like this for about a week, after which they slowly fade and disappear. That’s the time to prune back the bush so as to keep it […]

The Season of Hope

Last Sunday having been a cool but sunny day we erected the stakes and chicken wire so my peas have something to climb on. I even sowed my first batch of pea seeds. Also my first beet seeds and Chervil seeds. Lots of triple mix worked into the bed.

Around the rest of […]

Ice Storm - April 2013

It’s been a long winter. No complaints. I love winter as everyone knows. Snuggled up on the sofa watching movies, fireplace adding ambiance, eating comfort food and feeling cozy. Summer and the searing heat will come soon enough.

Then came the ice storm. The power, internet and TV wires were encrusted with ice, the roads, […]

The Earth Renewing Itself

I’m so delighted. (Of course, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.) I took my first walk-about in the garden. I couldn’t inspect everything as there is still a good amount of snow and ice scattered everywhere and where I could walk was still feeling hard – as in frozen. Nevertheless, I saw little […]