June 2023

Off Topic

Grass - A Pain in the Ass

It’s started already. Commercial after commercial spent on grass seeds and how one brand is better than the other. Oh how your neighbours will envy your lawn if you use this or that particular product. We see ads for rider mowers, push mowers, power mowers, electric mowers, robotic mowers and manual mowers. Did I leave […]

An Update and New Project

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Most things have bounced back since the late frost but are at least two weeks behind last year. Oh well, sigh. We’ve had pretty cool June with lots of rain. I’m not complaining because I don’t like the heat and humidity so the longer this pleasant […]

Late Frost

Oh, today we’re cooking but two days ago we had nighttime temperatures drop to -3C. That’s about 28F. We had covered the annuals with newspaper. Despite that, many died anyway. When I inspected my garden the morning after the freeze, my heart broke. All three Giant White Fleeceflowers collapsed to the ground. I’m sure the […]

More Aching Body

So, today bright and early I went into the garden. Charlie had bought several bags of black earth, peat moss, and composted sheep manure as well as 5 bags of triple mix.

First on the agenda was the vegetable garden. It’s important to get the cool vegetables seeded so I threw the five bags of […]

Spring Labour

Last weekend I worked like a dog. Well, Saturday I worked like a dog. Sunday, Charlie worked like a dog. I worked too but in a supportive role.

To explain, Saturday I tilled the vegetable bed. Pulling weeds and turning over soil is very hard work so I felt stiff and sore that night and […]

May Is Finally Here

It’s been a slow beginning this Spring. A year ago last Fall I planted 20 daffodils. That following Spring, one little one appeared. This Spring, five appeared. Some of the tulips are now up. I don’t think I’ll plant any more tulips. They don’t spread like daffodils – maybe that’s why they are so prized. […]

Hello Crocuses and Tulips

Everything is popping up everywhere. When I say that I mean little green things are poking through the ground like little periscopes checking out the temperature to see if it’s safe to come out. The only colour so far is coming from one of my crocuses and then – just. What a brave little flower […]


I love pergolas. They add a great architectural interest to any garden, I think. Anyway, here’s one I really like.

Traditional Patio design by San Francisco Architect Ana Williamson Architect […]

The Heat Is On

As per usual in this part of the country, there is no real Spring. Well, there is interim weather but I’d hardly call it Spring. It rained for most of April and May. Now, the last day of May, the temperature is 30 celcius or 86 F. While many of you would not think it […]

Some Spring This Is

This past weekend was beautiful. For once, no rain. I planted another row of lilacs on the boundary. With the double row, that should give us lots of privacy once they mature. I also enlarged the bed above the hen house. I don’t mind telling you, I almost needed help just walking back to the […]