June 2023

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The End of Summer Weather

And I couldn’t be happier. Of course, as is usual here in Southern Ontario, the weather is in the extreme. Suddenly, for the last couple of days, I’ve been waking up to single digit temperatures. Celcius, that is. It still warms up during the day but it has certainly got cooler.

The leaves are […]

Humidity and Rose of Sharon

Today and for the rest of the weekend it’s going to be humid – hot, yes, but it’s been hotter. The humidity just kills. I dusted today and broke out in a sweat. I thought the A/C season had passed, but I was wrong. After this weekend, maybe we get back to some normal September […]

Oh, Those Rascally French

They think of everything. Last Spring, I found I had too many tomato plants and the bed was full so I decided to plant the excess among the flowers in another part of the garden.

This morning, I looked around the flower beds and made an observation – the tomatoes and also peppers that I’d […]

Garden Highs and Lows

I thought I’d jot down my thoughts about my successes and failures in my garden this year.

To my surprise, the Africa Marigold Inca seeds I ordered this year are a failure. Who ever thought marigolds could be failures? Besides, they were so pretty last year. So for next year – no marigolds.

A note […]

The Rains Came

It’s funny how quickly things change. The rains came, the grass turned green, the flowers are blooming and I’m happy again.

Rain At Last

I never thought I’d get so excited over rain but I sure am today. Now, the grass will turn green again and all my new plants will get the water they deserve. My rain barrels will also fill up. I’m very happy this morning.

I Hate July

It is hot as blazes. I saw a sign on the news this morning: “Satan called. He wants his heat back!” No kidding. It’s quite unbearable and with the humidity it feels like around 100F or more. Thank God for central air although I don’t want to see my hydro bill this month.

Despite all […]

Garden on July 8, 2011

This is how the garden looked this morning:

Canada Day 2011

What was supposed to have been a hot and muggy day turned out to be perfect. It was not too hot nor was it humid. Beautiful sunshine all day long. The evening became quite cool.

We spent most of the day down by the gazebo by the river. We walked there and took a couple […]

The Garden Changes Daily

It’s amazing – every morning I take my mug of coffee and walk around the garden. The following morning, it looks different. Blooms have opened that weren’t open yesterday and blossoms have dropped that were perfect just yesterday. I take my time and dead-head whatever needs it. It’s a happy time for me. It’s very […]