June 2023

Off Topic

Late August

Boy is it ever hot. Hot and humid. Yesterday, I ripped out all the tomato plants and all the eggplant plants except for two with each having one eggplant maturing. I reseeded lettuce, radishes and beans. The beets I reseeded a couple of weeks ago are coming along. I hope I get a good crop. […]

Successes and Failures

Well, here it is: This is the very last time I’m growing tomatoes. Way too much work. I’ll leave it to the experts. If it isn’t fungus it’s critters. I’m tired of fighting them. My time is lots more valuable.

Failures: tomatoes.

Successes: The jury is still out on eggplant although so far it looks […]

How I'm Feeling Today

Discouraged, in a word. Pissed off, in two words. This could easily have been the biggest crop of plum tomatoes, ever. This morning I walked to the kitchen garden and found half eaten tomatoes all over the ground. I am fairly sure it was the work of a skunk or two. I saw holes in […]

These Are The Dog Days of Summer

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the origin of the phrase is this; “Named for the Dog Star, Sirius, which rises and sets with the Sun during this time, the Dog Days are associated with uncomfortable levels of heat and humidity. Thunderstorms are nearly as abundant as ants at a picnic, and the hot, sultry time […]

July Flowers

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Garden Photos End of June

[Show as slideshow] I took a few pictures this morning. I would have taken more but the mosquitoes forced me back inside. Early morning is not a good time for walking around the garden. The mosquitoes are at their most annoying.