June 2023

Off Topic

Winning the Battle and the War

I think I’m getting better. This morning I even walked without the crutch. It’s not great because the leg with the cast is higher than the normal leg but once the boot comes off I’ll be back to normal again.

I’ve been doing the exercises diligently daily. I think they did the trick. Also, am […]

The Long Battle Back

After 10 weeks in a wheelchair I was given permission to put weight on that leg again – with crutches of course. And so starts the excruciating battle to return my body to pre-accident. Ten weeks of muscles not being used is a long time. It’s amazing how quickly they deteriorate. So little by little […]

How I Miss Being In My Garden

So here it is, one month from day of accident. Physically, I seem to be healing but emotionally it has been difficult. I hate feeling vulnerable and helpless. So, here is my cast. It is a walking cast but I am not allowed to put any weight on it for another month. That’s Charlie lining […]

Life With a Broken Ankle

About 3 weeks ago – say around 5:00AM I was in the garden planting my second row of peas and doing a general walk-around to see how my flowers and shrubs were doing. This has been a morning ritual these last five years. I was just putting my tools away when I slipped on a […]