March 2023

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Big Melt Indeed - Not This Week

So, I’m dreaming about the big melt which will come – eventually. Meanwhile, the polar vortex came back, it left for a day or two and came back. So, no big melt this week. I figured out what I need for the front yard – an Amur Maple. It seems to fill all my wants […]

Getting Ready for the Big Melt

Today I ventured out to have a look at what’s what. Since the temperature is currently above freezing, there is some melting going on. The sidewalks had been cleared and so I could walk on them but where there has been melting, there are ice patches. This afternoon the temperature will be dropping and we’re […]

Warmer Weather On The Horizon

It looks like in the short term at least, warmer weather is coming. It will still be around freezing but not the bone-chilling kind. In fact, next weekend they’re calling for rain. So that means, slush, muck and guck. It’s always this way when seasons change, especially from Winter to Spring. The frost comes out […]

Wiarton Willie Sees His Shadow

No big surprise here – six more weeks of winter. I’m told we’re in for another storm by Wednesday. Oh joy. There’s talk of closing roads if there is much more snow. There just isn’t anywhere to put it all. The snowbanks are getting so tall and wide, it creates a safety hazard as you […]

Another Day, Another Snow Storm

I won’t soon forget the winter of 2013-2014. Nobody talks about global warming when the weather is like this. In fact, I’m sick of hearing about that fabled global warming. It doesn’t exist. Period.

All you folks living in the Caribbean must all be gloating right about now. Seems all of North America is in […]

An Ugly Mess Out There

What with the heavy snows we’ve experienced followed by almost a week of ice rain, then the Polar Vortex plunging us into crazy cold conditions, and finally the sudden warming to above freezing temperatures, the conditions outside are beyond ridiculous. The January melt is in full swing but nights below freezing means all […]

We Dodged The Bullet

Well, what can I say? We got lucky this time around. Devastation all around but not here. Now it’s just regular winter weather. Toronto was hit the hardest in Ontario, that is. Why don’t they just have a concert to raise money to fix everything? That’s what everybody else does. Instead, they’re talking about going […]

More Snow, More Ice

I’ve always said, I don’t mind snow and cold – after all, it’s winter – but ice rain is terrifying. So, after the ice storm we just had, another one is coming up from Arkansas. My biggest fear is that we lose power. Without power the furnace can’t run. Without power the pump from the […]

The Best For 2014 Everybody

In the dead of winter it’s hard to believe that Spring will ever come again. Everywhere I look I see nothing but snow. There are no leaves on trees nor any sign of life anywhere so I take this time to look back on all the pictures I’ve taken of flowers and trees and life. […]