June 2023

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February 2018

Charlie and Katelyn walking down the hill into the valley below

Helping with the mitts. Charlie and Katelyn

The March Warm-Up Is Here

We thought it would never come but all things do end. Anyway, beautiful sunny winter days won’t be around for a while now. Spring is very nice but until all the snow has melted and the frost is out of the ground it’s messy and dirty. However, good spring rains will wash the dirt away […]

Winter Can Be Beautiful

It’s still cold and snowy but change will be coming soon.

Minus 27 Celcius

What’s that in Fahrenheit? Minus 16 Fahrenheit. That’s not so cold. What’s everybody yammering about? Well, most of the yammering is coming from the Toronto stations. What a bunch of whiners. They are too lah-di-dah for me sometimes.

Well, look who’s talking. I’ve been hibernating most of the winter making my soups and stews and […]

The February Blahs

There’s no getting around it. Freshly fallen snow under sunny skies is a sight to behold. That is until the snow plows come by and throw all the muck on our property. Then the sanders and the salters do their thing – not once, not twice but with every snowfall. The trick is to get […]

Why I Plant Evergreens

They’re just little now and look a bit sparse but we had to give them room to spread. They come alive in the winter.

Evergreens, The Backbone of the Garden

I sit and worry about the new evergreens we planted last Spring. The row of Emerald Cedars are mighty close to the sidewalk. I worry about winter salting. That will turn some of the leaves brown.I could wrap them in burlap but that would defeat the look I’m trying to achieve. After all, evergreens come […]

Snow is on the Ground

Ah, but Spring is in the air. How do I know? Yesterday, I killed a spider in the house. The day before, I killed a fly and a lady bug. Believe me, the bugs know when it’s Spring.

I sowed my seeds four days ago and the tomatoes have already sprouted. By tomorrow I […]

I'm So Depressed

This has got to be the most depressing time of year. We have had such a long, cold winter. Last night it was -20 C. That’s cold. We’re all in the same boat. We are all waiting anxiously for warmer weather.

I hear the environmentalists are being quiet these days. It’s hard to sell “Global […]

Spring is Just Around The Corner

I’m crossing my fingers that whatever I sowed will survive until it’s time to plant out. The 4 o’clocks are big already. When I say big, I mean they needed transplanting in their own little pots. I am just now starting to save the single serving yogurt cups. Duh! They make perfect little pots for […]