October 2022

Off Topic

Charlie and his Tilley

People let me tell you about Charlie and his Tilley (what’s left of it). I don’t know how familiar you are with the brand but here in Canada, it is well known and loved. The company promises that it is so tough that nothing can harm it. (A little overstated, I’d say). However, if the hat ever does decintigrate, they will replace free of charge.

Years ago, he purchased a wide-rimmed Tilley to protect him from the sun. Being of very fair skin – the result of being a red-head, he was always sensitive to the sun’s rays and burned easily. He grew attached to it but eventually, the Tilley began to desintigrate until, one day, the crown came off. So, he packaged it and mailed it to the company for a replacement. True to their word, a few weeks later, a new wide brimmed Tilley arrived.

But, would he throw the old one away? No. Although it had no crown, he found a way to use it by putting an old tshirt on his head and sticking the rim of the hat on top of it. No amount of pleading changed his mind. He wanted to keep the new one for “good”. The neighbours think he’s weird, I’m sure, but he doesn’t give a hoot. I’ve given up trying to persuade him.

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