February 2023

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Finally, Rain

Friday night, we had rain.  Hallelujah.  It has been such a dry Spring, so far.  “Where are those April showers?”, people cried.  They finally came.  It rained for hours during the night.  We’re expecting more today and tomorrow.

I spent all weekend gardening.  To be more precise, I added 4-in-one soil mix to some of my beds. The soil mix is comprised of loam, manure, peat moss and sand, I think.  So far, I’ve gone through 15 – 25 liter bags, with no end in sight.  After having gone through all that, I planted out the hardy perennials – purple coneflowers, white coneflowers as well as forget-me-nots, all of which I had raised from seed in the house.  Meanwhile, I’m watching the shrubs and perennials I planted last year get a little more advanced every day.

All of the ten trees we planted last year and the year before, are flourishing.  That is to say, they’re leafing out.  I read where the first three years of a tree’s life is spent developing the root system.  After three years, they start to grow in height and width.  This also holds true for transplants.  So patience, which is not one of my virtues, is required.

Let’s not forget the weeding.  Oh God.  The part I hate the most especially the ones with deep tap roots.  If you leave just a little root behind, they grow again.  So, this will be an uphill battle.  Mulching helps but you have to wait till things are planted out before you can do it.  Another thing that helps is heavy planting.  “Nature abhors a vacuum”.  How true because if there is no plant there, a weed will take it’s place.

So, I thought it would be nice to look at a few pictures.

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