March 2023

Off Topic

How I'm Feeling Today

Discouraged, in a word.  Pissed off, in two words.  This could easily have been the biggest crop of plum tomatoes, ever.  This morning I walked to the kitchen garden and found half eaten tomatoes all over the ground.  I am fairly sure it was the work of a skunk or two.  I saw holes in the veggie patch – a sure sign. So tonight, I’ll put out the skunk bait.  Damn it!  All that back-breaking work only to have it all ruined by a smelly beast that nobody likes.  

So much for kitchen garden.  I will turn it into a patio next year.  I’ll make a raised bed for the herbs and lettuce.  In the shade yet.  With summers getting progressively hotter, we need more shade.

All my maples have black tar spots.  All of them!!! I am so angry I want to do something crazy.  I don’t know what else can go wrong.  We haven’t had any rain although thank God, it’s cooler than it has been.  The grass – what grass?  That dried up stuff that used to be grass?  Well, no rain and I’m not about to waste collected rainwater on grass.  I need it for my trees and shrubs. Maybe I should just cement the whole damn yard and call it a day.

Well, that’s how I’m feeling today.


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