October 2022

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Labour of Love

I have never worked so hard, physically, as I have been since moving here.  Those years of pumping iron were child’s play.  A lot of the ground is rocky.  Very rocky.  So, you put the shovel in the ground and hit rock.  We already broke one shovel trying to use it as a crowbar.  Anyway, I find the pick-axe we found in the “hen house” left by some long-ago resident, works well but whoever thought I’d be swinging a pick-axe at my age?   I can’t remember the last time I gave myself a manicure except to file my nails.  Boo-hoo.

The small rocks, I toss as far as I can to the lower garden-to-be.  We’ll deal with them next year.  The larger rocks I’m using to build a dry wall.  That’s what the settlers did.  They used what they found in their area, hence the wood structures.  Also, lots of stone buildings and stone fences both dry and concrete. 

Charlie has been doing a bang-up job with the lower garden.  If you recall, it was a total jungle when we first bought the property.  He’s finding all sorts of things – mainly not good ones.  For example, for a hundred years, people had been tossing anything they didn’t want from the house down the ravine.  He’s finding mountains of broken glass as well as rusted metal.  Seems like they used it as a dump.  Charlie being the meticulous person that he is, is bagging them.  He’s brought up many, many bags of broken glass and we had them hauled away on garbage day.  The mountain of rusted metal – including old stove pipes and motors will be hauled away by a scrap metal guy near here.  He’s just waiting for all the metal to be gathered before calling Ted.  Ah, but you should see the part he has cleared so far.  Just beautiful. 

I’ve promised myself, once the gardens are the way we like, I’ll be hiring a service to maintain them.  We can’t work like this forever.

This place is a money pit.  We have retaining walls to build, a new septic tank to install, a garage to build and driveway to pave.  I have some other dreams as well, which I won’t mention for fear of jinxing them.  To make our home the way we want will take lots of money.  We’re doing it a little at a time because we do not want to refinance.

Wish me luck.

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