March 2023

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Late August

Boy is it ever hot.  Hot and humid.  Yesterday, I ripped out all the tomato plants and all the eggplant plants except for two with each having one eggplant maturing.  I reseeded lettuce, radishes and beans.  The beets I reseeded a couple of weeks ago are coming along.  I hope I get a good crop.  I’ve made 8 pint jars of chili sauce, 8 pint jars of pickled beets, 6 quart jars of tomato sauce and will probably do another six jars when all the tomatoes ripening on the counter are fully ripe. 

Now, I’m waiting for the peppers to turn red so I can roast and can them. I won’t be growing them next year.  Easier just to buy in the summer.  I will stick to those things that were little trouble and gave me good return for effort.  That means, I will grow lettuce, radishes, Italian beans, beets, and herbs.  I’m not sure of peas although I had a good crop. Probably not.  Anyway, I have some time before having to make up my mind.

I’ve put my heart and soul into my garden.  I think I’m making some progress with my goal of creating a stress free garden.  We’ve planted a lot of trees – deciduous as well as coniferous.  We’ve planted a lot of flowering shrubs and perennials.  With plenty of mulch as well as “Silver Brocade” as a ground cover, the weeding as well as watering should be greatly reduced.  Of course, there is always work but the biggest grunt work should be almost over.  I must remember to invest in soaker hoses.  That will also help a lot.  

We have lived here for 4 years and 2 months.  I am very pleased at the progress.  My husband has felled all the Manitoba maples – the last one just a few days ago.  Now the clearing is mostly done. There is lots of stuff to burn this winter.  Next Spring, we should be ready to channel the springs and dig a pond.  Then it’s time to plant out the lower garden.  I’m mostly interested in a nice long lawn, planting more trees and shrubs.  It will be fun.


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