February 2023

Off Topic

Making Progress

I figure I’d better post some pictures before I get accused of getting lazy. 

The “hen house” is coming along.  Charlie has been working like a dog on clearing it and working on the lower garden-to-be.

He’s in the process of creating burn piles.  These piles won’t be burned until next winter.  I hope Ralph comes to help him and as long as everthing remain the same, I’m sure he will.  So far, Charlie has five burn piles but I’m sure there will be several more. 

Don, from the village has been coming with his truck to cut the logs into fireplace lengths and has been carrying them over his shoulder, up the hill to where the truck is parked.  I can’t get over the strength of these country folk.  Geez.  He just flipped the mother of a log on his shoulder and highlailed it up the ravine and onto his truck.  When he left, his truck was loaded with logs.  He won’t need to buy wood for years to come.  He’s getting the wood for free and in return, we’re getting the lower garden cleared.

Back to the “hen house”.  It’s starting to take on a look of a terrace.  Oh, we still have a load of work to do on it but you should have seen it back when we first moved in.

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