June 2023

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Mid Summer Report

Being that it’s mid July, I thought I’d do an update on my efforts at being a gardener. I’ve had some success and some failure.  Among my successes I’d count my vegetable garden.  I’m thrilled with the earth’s bounties.  I’ve harvested quite a number of cucumbers and shared with neighbours.  The tomatoes (beefsteak) are looking numerous and I can’t wait for them to ripen.  The peppers have either bloom or little fruit growing.  It will be some time for them to be ready.  The Onions look good too.  I’ve been eating lettuce every day for some time now. 

Today I made Pesto with the Basil I harvested.  It’s so rewarding eating things you’ve grown yourself.

Regarding flowers, the Love Lies Bleeding are just barrelling along.  To my surprise, I even have  a white one.  I didn’t know they came in white.

I’m happy with the two butterfly bushes – the only two plants that I could salvage from all those seedlings.  The African Marigolds are wonderful and big and fat.  Love them.  Not so crazy about Mr. Majestic.  Small and unreliable blooms.

2 comments to Mid Summer Report

  • Suzanne

    Erica, what a pretty house and garden, you seem to be settling in very well. I must say I miss you at the Camera Club..and think of you often. The banquet went very well for me this year I won three trophies, and several ribbons so think I will take a break this year from competition.

    Nice job with this website as well.

  • admin

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Your photography is second to none. You are a true artist. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Best wishes. I hope we can get together one of these days.

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