October 2022

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So, today bright and early I went into the garden. Charlie had bought several bags of black earth, peat moss, and composted sheep manure as well as 5 bags of triple mix.

First on the agenda was the vegetable garden. It’s important to get the cool vegetables seeded so I threw the five bags of triple mix as well as my own concoction of black earth, peat, and manure. After raking and smoothing I proceeded to create rows and commence with the seeding. So, now I’m happy because it’s done. Well, at least the cool weather crops and to be precise, here they are; snow peas, radishes, lettuce, beets, several herbs and kale.

Charlie installed the new window boxes. It will be at least another two to three weeks before I can plant them out. Until then, the seedling flowers seem to be doing well in the greenhouse. I’m even trying to grow a banana plant for my big pot. Hopefully it will develop over the next few weeks. It will be my thriller, and I have quite a few flowers which will be my filler and spiller.

Autumn into winter is a beautiful transition. Winter into Spring is not. What with the frost coming out of the ground and all the snow melting not to mention the crud on the roads from the salters and sanders. But  it’s nice anyway. The windows are open and the heat is turned off. It won’t be long, the windows will once again be closed and the air-conditioning on. Extremes in temperatures, that’s the norm here in Southern Ontario.

How is it where you are?

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