August 2022

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My Last Tour

I took a last tour around the garden.  I made notes on what to buy, what to move, what shrubs to plant.  I know I have to buy a lot of dirt, peat moss and fertilizer.  However, slowly, little by little I’m getting to the point where I don’t have to do much anymore.  By that I mean, perennials come alive every year as do shrubs and trees.  I’ve gathered annuals that self seed.  Some of them are so easy I just throw them on the bed and they will land wherever and catch root and grow.  My kind of annual.  


Annuals:  Cosmos and Calendula and maybe Moss Roses but the latter have not yet arrived from cousin Dyanna. I’m sure they will live up to expectations.   I forgot about Four O’Clocks and Love Lies Bleeding – they’re another toss and grow annual. 

Perennials: Dames Rockets because they bloom so profusely in Spring and they bloom a long time, almost two months.  I expect Forget Me Nots will bring light blue joy to my heart.  I have many varieties of Echinacea, so much so that I’m tired of them.  It’s enough already.  But they do bloom very reliably.  Shasta Daisy – it is so robust and multiplies so readily that I’ve had to divide them several times and am still looking for places to transplant them.  Yarrow – Needs little care and self seeds like crazy.  Some call them invasive.  Dianthus – Oh my they smell pretty.  It’s still just a little plant but puts out powerful aromas  Evening Primrose – Very pretty little yellow flower and the leaves turn a deep burgundy in the fall.  Silver Brocade – Very impressive ground-cover.  Silvery leaves that glow in the dark.  Trilobed Coneflower – So far I only have one plant but I hope they spread.  It’s almost November and they’re still blooming. 

Shrubs:I’m hoping great things with Giant White Fleeceflower.  Wigela, Firetail Fleeceflower, Peonies, Rose of Sharon, Golden Elderberry, Black Lace Elderberry, the following Hydrangeas -Pinky Winky, Phantom, Incrediball and Annabelle.  Bloomerang, Euonymus, Smoketree, Tiger Eye Sumac, Red Twig Dogwood, Sedum Autumn Joy, Daphne  Mezereum, Rosa Rubrifolia, Fairy Rose, Burning Bush, Dappled Willow tree and shrubs, Miniature Roses, Spirea Bridal Wreath.  I have many more but just too many to mention them all.  I’m hoping great things with all shrubs.  

Trees: A variety of Norway Maples, Clumped Birches, Japanese Maple, Pagoda Dogwood, and a variety of other trees.  I don’t know the names of all of them.

One thing all my favourites have in common is ease of care.  Sure, now I baby them all but in a couple of years, they’ll be pretty much on their own.  All I have to do is water them when needed and feed them regularly.  Of course, always keeping a vigilant eye on insect infestation.  Up to now, I’ve been a slave to my garden but not for too much longer.

There are other plants I’m eyeing such as ornamental grasses.  I’m already growing Miscanthous Giganteus. 

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