June 2023

Off Topic


I love pergolas. They add a great architectural interest to any garden, I think. Anyway, here’s one I really like.

Traditional Patio design by San Francisco Architect Ana Williamson Architect […]

The Garden in Mid June

Can’t complain today. It’s been raining and the cistern has filled up quite well. Every morning I’m out there with my hose – 150 feet of it – to water my babies. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s a young garden and will take several years to reach maturity. The shrubs are short, […]

Where Is The Rain?

As you know, we get our water from the well. So far, it has worked – well – well. But what about the trees, vegetables, shrubs and flowers, you ask? We didn’t want to use up the water from the well for plants. Besides, it would have to go through the softener and UV treatment. […]

Heat, Heat, Go Away

As is the norm here in Southern Ontario, the weather is usually in the extreme. For all of June, although rainy, the temperatures were a beautiful low 20’s – Celcius, that is. 🙂 Suddenly, it jumped to the 30’s and as we speak, it is 32C. I’m hoping for thundershowers to break the heat and […]

Down the Garden Path

The winter did a number on my pedestals. Well, maybe it was my fault. Maybe I didn’t let the paint cure long enough before placing things on them. Well, I had been over – anxious to place my pots on them. So, yesterday, I repainted them and left them outside to dry properly.