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Winter In Ontario 2013

From Thursday night till Monday, we’ve had nothing but ice rain.  I have never seen  anything like it. Today is Christmas Eve and it’s the first time since last week that I’ve set my foot outdoors.  Cold and snow means nothing to me but ice scares the living crap out of me.  Our plow service had come by and plowed out the driveway.  Charlie hacked the ice around the house, the back porch steps and the front porch and walkway.  He was at it for hours. 

Last night something hit our house not once but twice. Apparently, I slept through the first thud but not the second.  We jumped up to see what had happened but could not see anything.  Charlie went back to sleep but I couldn’t so I got up, went downstairs, turned on the fireplace and TV and settled down on the sofa. 

This morning I went outside to see the damage.  It’s kind of pretty if you can overlook the danger. Everything is covered in a layer of ice so it kind of looks like frosting on a cake and when the sun comes out, the ice sparkles like diamonds.  Beautiful but lethal.I couldn’t see anything that would have caused the loud bangs.  Of course, I could only manage the front and side views where the ice had been cleared.  Maybe we’ll have to wait till all this melts before we can inspect all the damage.

I spoke to a friend of mine who said she too heard the bang as had several other people in the village. It’s a mystery. The speculation is that it was due to the sharp drop in termperature that caused the houses to let out those awful crashing sounds. Perhaps we will never really know.

Front door

 photo sign_zpsed35ccb0.jpg

  photo snow_zps74657b26.jpg

 photo IMG_4323_zpsdbea6a93.jpg

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